Meet Our Team

Dustin Harmon 

Lead Sound Engineer/Bassist/Field Recorder

Dustin has been playing various instruments in rock bands for almost 20 years. 

His commitment to music and artistry is apparent in the projects he has recorded over the last decade. Through hundreds of sessions, Dustin has made the realization that comfort will evoke the best performance from an artist.  For that reason, Warm Glow Studios focuses on getting our artists comfortable with the space and the engineer well before the first session begins.  

Dustin's in-depth knowledge of the recording gear sets him apart from most audio engineers.  In his free time, Dustin volunteers his time supporting local community radio as a sound engineer at 89.9 FM WORT. 

Anthony Salas


Anthony has been performing music since he was a small boy. His first experience in the recording studio was singing for a children's album in first grade.

Anthony has been involved in music in some capacity for the last 25 years. Music is a gift to us all. The first thing Anthony teaches any student is this: "You are the instrument; a guitar is a piece of furniture until you pick it up."

Anthony believes everyone is capable of musical greatness. If you can hear, then you are a part of it.

Dexter "Tefman" Patterson

Emcee/Social Media Guru

Dexter "Tefman" Patterson is not only a skilled emcee but an experienced social and digital marketing professional with deep roots in the music industry. 

Attend one of Tef's FREE social and digital marketing workshops or book a one-on-one consultation for a unique perspective on how you can start gaining more exposure and earning more money online with your music.  

David Payne

Drummer/Songwriter/Session Artist

David has spent nearly 20 years filtering through the clutter and other daily challenges of being a working musician. Throughout his musical journey, Dave has been a part of 10 studio albums, played shows from basements to theatres, and has been a contributor to various side projects, singles, music videos, and recordings.

Dave is well versed in multiple genres including Hip Hop, Rock, Punk, Funk, Blues, Country, Irish Folk and more. 

Book a session with Dave today. 

Vince "Samhain Bane" Spruill


Samhain Bane aka Vince Spruill is the co-founder of the Madison Hip-Hop group the L.O.S.T S.O.U.L.S. Bane has been making music since 1999 and has brought a wealth of talent and knowledge to our team. Bane is our in-house Hip-Hop/R&B producer working for Dogs of War Media.

Bane loves to collaborate across genres and is willing to offer guidance or direction to artists that want an honest opinion on their sound or what they can anticipate in the music business.